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The history of the University of Virginia is not complete without women’s stories. 2020 is a unique moment in time at UVA: the 100th anniversary of a 1920 Board of Visitors resolution allowing some women to enroll in select graduate and professional programs and the 50th anniversary of full coeducation in 1970. Approximately 30,000 women earned degrees, diplomas and certificates at UVA before 1970. Today, women make up the majority of the student population.

The image above is made up of objects, documents, and photographs reflecting the transformation of women’s experiences at University of Virginia. There is so much more to the story that the items represented here; they capture just a hint of the deeply nuanced and ever-evolving history of women at UVA.

This image was created in partnership with designer Robin Verrier and the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library.