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Carolyn DuVal

How did you decide to come to UVA?

I grew up in Richmond.  Because I wanted to go to college to become a nurse, my in-state choices were MCV (Medical College of Virginia, now VCU) or UVA.  I wanted to go away from home so I did not apply to MCV, located in Richmond.  Women could not attend UVA School of Nursing until our 3rd year of college.  First we were required to attend a Virginia women’s college that provided the curriculum that UVA required.  I attended Mary Washington College of the University of Virginia in Fredericksburg (now Mary Washington University).

Is there something you learned at UVA that you apply to your life now?

My respect for honor and truthfulness has guided my life.  As an Honor Committee member from the School of Nursing, being honest and living a life that can be respected have been guiding principles.

In your opinion, what is the legacy of women on UVA?

Coming from a time when women were not admitted to the university, I believe women’s legacy is that they belong at the table of all groups.  Women add another dimension that improves the experience of all students.

If you could impart a piece of advice to a female student on Grounds today, what would you tell her?

Be involved. Be fearless. A young woman can become anything in today’s world.