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Lillie Lyon

What are you most involved in as a student at UVA?

My principal involvement at UVA has been as an Honor support officer and Committee member. I was l selected as a support officer my first year, and worked in various capacities over the following three years before being elected to serve as a representative for the College of Arts & Sciences and the chair of the Committee.  I have been fortunate to have abundant opportunities to serve the University community and work with other students, staff and administrators to bring about positive change.

What lesson/lessons have you learned at UVA that you apply to your daily life?

Of the many, many lessons I have learned at UVA, there are two that rank as the most important. The first is that one can find great joy and meaning by fully immersing themselves in what calls them most strongly. I had received this advice before coming to UVA, but it wasn’t until I came to care deeply about the Honor System and felt invested in its impact that I understood the importance of going all in on the things you love and leaving the other things to the people who love them. The second lesson is that character is the most important part of a person. Part of what binds the UVA community together is that we share both an academic education and an ethical one. At UVA, I have been challenged to think deeply about who I am, the ways my behavior and decisions impact others, and what my priorities are and will be when faced with difficult situations. UVA has taught me how to be more intentional in how I spend my time and energy, my self-development, and my impact on others and the world around me.

What does the UVA alumnae community mean to you? How have fellow alumnae affected your life/career/journey?

The UVA alumnae that I have interacted with over the past few years have been a source of support, knowledge and encouragement as I have learned to navigate the University. They have served as role models and been incredibly kind and helpful when I have reached out with questions or requests. I imagine that I will continue to find the UVA alumnae community of great value in providing guidance as I begin my career.

If you could ask a female graduate for one piece of advice, what would you ask her?

I would ask her what she wished she had known when she was my age, graduating from UVA and beginning her career, and what the theory guiding her approach to this transition was.